Video not loading with preview in Query

I have a post type where I have a field for the video and a field for the preview.

If I create an infinite carousel with dynamic video and preview it doesn’t load. If I remove the infinite loop, then the preview will work.

Hi @Mykyta,

Thank you for bringing this up!

I was able to reproduce this error, which seems to occur when there are too few posts, causing post duplication in the loop.
This duplication, in turn, results in issues with loading the associated data.

We’ll investigate this issue further, to confirm whether it is a bug that can be avoided or not.

In the meantime, if you are using a loop, please ensure that you have a minimum of 8 posts available.
If not, consider untoggling loop.

Thank you for your understanding.

After further investigation, we have determined that this is indeed a bug.
Rest assured, we’ll have a fix as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello @Mykyta,

Thanks for the report.

This has been addressed in 1.4.1.
If you still encounter trouble, I would be grateful if you could let us know by replying to this thread.


Thank you, everything works as it should!