Video > Div overlay > automatic thumbnail import

I am having a hard time understanding the use of the div overlay in the video block.
Whenever I activate it, the video disappears from view, until someone clicks on the overlay. I thought the idea is to overlay text, icons, colored layers, etc. on the video? If I would want it not to be visible until clicked, I could add a fully opaque background color or an image to the div overlay.

What I am currently trying to achieve is: show the automatically generated video thumbnail, unless someone uploads a featured image. I activated the div overlay, added an image block to it, assigned the featured image as source for the image. This seemed pretty straight forward, but the video does not show when the div overlay is activated.

Hi @jipsa,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Rest assured, we are working on an option to automatically import the video thumbnail.

Indeed, for the moment, unless you add an image/background image, the Video will have a blank thumbnail.

I’ll move this thread to Feature Requests and change its title to ‘Video → Div overlay → automatic thumbnail import’, for the team to keep track of.

Thank you for your understanding.