Variable Picker


Can a variable picker be added which allow to choose the variables from global stylesheet into the fields?

We already have global colors in color fields to choose from. I use a lot of variables for padding, margin and other sizes which I will love to input quickly.


This would be quite use-/ and powerful :+1:


Ooh! Very sexy, indeed!


Yes. This will be a very useful feature.


Funny I was about to create this topic and already prepared an image for it.

Definitely upvoting !


Actually it works already !
I just forgot to wrap it in “var(…)”

but presents a few errors such as NaN (Not a Number)

I think variables are supported (pretty much) from the beginning :+1:
The actual problem I face with vars and calcs is the width of the input.

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If this is it, and this is it ! Then we need to make sure every library item of the community is well built.
I mean it should anyways but imagine the power.

@Louis what is the plan with that in your opinion?
Will you allow any element from the community being publishable?
Are you going to review them so they pass a quality score?
Are we already able to publish to public community? (I haven’t tried yet).
If Cwicly becomes free as per the roadmap, then what elements will / won’t be accessible?
Help us build some well built fondation, I can help but I need to be aligned.

– Just to edit that, I may have overseen a few things as I was nicely advised in discord…
I will forget about my dreams of var spacing to give a more dynamic look to margins and paddings. Better of to think of easier solutions such as giving custom classes rather than create a stylesheet with :root var spaces. Still I believe it was a nice idea since stylesheets are portable and by no means did I mean to add Tailwind, winden or the likes in the library.