Using Code Framework with Cwicly

Heads up.
David McCann released a video on how to use Code Framework in Cwicly.

Thanks for the share @Lefteris.

I already watched it yesterday and my conclusion on this is that it’s the best way to import the framework as external classes to have the native tools and functionality of Cwicly available.

A possible downside is that one needs to know the classes, as there are no categories available, but one could get its way around with folders in Cwicly.
Also, there is a bit less flexibility, because it’s not possible to tweak the classes on the fly (with the options in WP’s backend).

These are rather temporary issues, because one will get used to the framework and also finds out which classes are required for projects to generate the stylesheet.

An integration would only make sense to me if it’s done like it will be the case with the Tailwind integration (a dedicated mode).

Thanks for the presentation @David, especially for showing the audience how to import the classes into Cwicly.

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Thank you for sharing the video here.

Hi @Marius,

Tailwind integration would be fantastic.
I remember this was promised by Luis a few months back.

It’s coming soon @Lefteris :crossed_fingers:

Excellent explanation. Thank you for sharing this with us

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