Using Child Themes

Is the use of child themes still recommended?
There does not appear to be an installation link on the Cwicly website dashboard.

I use Cose Snippet so there no need to customize function.php or style.css.
With Cwicly and query, no need to for taxonomies archive,
it is not needed creation a php archive. But it could be necessary if you customize some file of plugin (for exemplate Woocommerce template php files) and don’t want to loose this customization when update plugin.



Thanks! I will consider it.

I am new to Cwicly; how would I install the Child Theme you created?


Hey @spectra.

You just install and activate it as any other theme.
Make sure to install the regular Cwicly theme as well to make everything work.

Soon, it will be possible to install a child theme from the Getting Started wizard.
Btw. the child theme you are finding here is an official one, provided by the Cwicly team.

Thank you! I downloaded the Child Theme provided by @penatech, and it did not work. Where would I find the official Child Theme?


Could you let us know what doesn’t work? Did you install both the cwicly theme and the child theme? The child theme requires the parent (cwicly) theme to work.

I have the Cwicly plugin installed, and when I downloaded the Child theme, the file I get this message “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

Seems like you are trying to install the child theme as a plugin. Try to do it via the theme area instead.

Please post screenshots or video if you could to see what is going on.

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You are correct; it is a bad habit; I always default to plug-ins. Thank you for being so helpful. The Child theme has been successfully installed.