User Selection + Clear Filters

Can someone guide me to what the settings that are to create a Clear All filter?
I looked at the documentation, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Nothing even displays.

Here is the structure:

And here’s the Filter Editor properties:


And now here’s the frontend:

The skeletons are loaded, but nothing else shows up. These kinds of issues pop up all the time, and it’s lots of troubleshooting time lost before having to come here to see if there’s a solution.

Anyone had a chance to actually

Hey @owynter,

We have been using this for a while - it should just work.

Perhaps something else is interfering or conflicting?

Looks like what I have, so I’m not sure what’s going on.
Just Query ID and Filter Type needed. The data type can be left blank, right?

I started from scratch and it worked.

I had just duplicated a filter I used previously and changed the type, but that was giving errors. Started from a blank one and it worked.

Unfortunately, there are other issues that have popped up that I was just too tired to troubleshoot. Sometimes it feels like whackamole.

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