Updating Cwicly

I’m worried about this in your changelogs:
" Please make sure to backup your current installation and to regenerate your HTML & CSS once updated"
I manage hundreds of multisite subsites, and just thinking of a scenario where I have to go site by site, regenerating HTML, gives me the shivers.

How is updating handled in Multisite? How is the backwards compatibility in (future) releases handled? I’d rather avoid converting sites block by block to a new version.



I think your post got missed by the team or you got your answers via email. I am also looking into Cwicly’s compatibility for multi site installation. Hope you can share if you have the info.

Plugin update is handled once in Multi site afaik since there is only single plugin folder for all the sites. HTML regeneration is only required if there is any major update. I think there is some other request here for automating HTML regeneration after Cwicly update. But that also have challenges since it will consume lot of resources for page heavy sites. May be the regeneration can be automated for major updates and split to consume less resources.


I wanted to revisit this particular topic. I don’t have dozens/hundreds of sites yet, but I manage one smaller network of 3 child sites, and it’s a pain to go through each site and regenerate HTML/CSS manually.

Beyond that, I manage multiple standalone sites using MainWP, and I have to log into all my sites individually to perform this task as well. It’s a really tedious proicess, to be fair.

@Louis. is there any solution that can be developed for this?