Almost 2 weeks: should we expect a huge update?

I think they are working on technical things, like the template processing part.
Most likely, it’s a real pain so you should bear with them :joy:

This is the base for some future core functionality, so wouldn’t expect too much at once.
Hopefully we see the filter block by next month :fire:


Next update coming out tomorrow with bug fixes and quite a few visual changes/improvements :wink:


Exactly @Marius, couldn’t have put it better.

For other builders, months are passing without updates. Here, after 2 weeks, people start to panic :).

I guess it’s like with sugar/cocaine. If people are getting used to 1 week updates, the brain expects that dopamine rush of a new release :)) .

Looks like a nice update! (are those custom breakpoints?!)

We should make a topic with small UI improvments suggestions.
For start, the colorful icons for global styles, collections, stylesheet, I still can’t remember which one is which :slight_smile: (maybe some different, more suggestive icons would be more suitable)

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Very far from panic!
It was just a post to keep in touch and assure the team that we are still here supporting them!
I get my sugar/cocaine with Windows updates and it is quite enough!

I was just joking. (and was referring mostly to me :slight_smile: )
This are just the signs of an enthusiast community, which is a good thing!

PS: Windows updates doesn’t do it for me :slight_smile: (so need to get my dose from gutenberg & cwicly )

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Most likely not but it’s been a long time since we heard something about it.
Curious if there are any news.

Custom breakpoints are a difficult subject.
Everything is geared towards providing them with Cwicly, but as soon as we do that, we won’t be able to reintegrate with Gutenberg’s breakpoints…

I’m not sure what the team has planned to do with breakpoints (we’ve been waiting for a clear direction for some time), as they seem much more inclined to provide response styling through “fluid” paths.

Thanks for the update and giving some insights here @Louis.
Based on this, it is the only correct decision and I highly appreciate that (also along some other) features doesn’t just get added if it’s predictable it could lead into real problems in the future.

On the other side:
Waiting for the Gutenberg team might not be the best bet either.

Personally, I would rather still wait for some time instead of facing restrictions in the future.
But also, this is an important and very needed feature.