Almost 2 weeks: should we expect a huge update?

I think they are working on technical things, like the template processing part.
Most likely, it’s a real pain so you should bear with them :joy:

This is the base for some future core functionality, so wouldn’t expect too much at once.
Hopefully we see the filter block by next month :fire:


Next update coming out tomorrow with bug fixes and quite a few visual changes/improvements :wink:


Exactly @Marius, couldn’t have put it better.

For other builders, months are passing without updates. Here, after 2 weeks, people start to panic :).

I guess it’s like with sugar/cocaine. If people are getting used to 1 week updates, the brain expects that dopamine rush of a new release :)) .

Looks like a nice update! (are those custom breakpoints?!)

We should make a topic with small UI improvments suggestions.
For start, the colorful icons for global styles, collections, stylesheet, I still can’t remember which one is which :slight_smile: (maybe some different, more suggestive icons would be more suitable)

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Very far from panic!
It was just a post to keep in touch and assure the team that we are still here supporting them!
I get my sugar/cocaine with Windows updates and it is quite enough!

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I was just joking. (and was referring mostly to me :slight_smile: )
This are just the signs of an enthusiast community, which is a good thing!

PS: Windows updates doesn’t do it for me :slight_smile: (so need to get my dose from gutenberg & cwicly )

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Most likely not but it’s been a long time since we heard something about it.
Curious if there are any news.

Custom breakpoints are a difficult subject.
Everything is geared towards providing them with Cwicly, but as soon as we do that, we won’t be able to reintegrate with Gutenberg’s breakpoints…

I’m not sure what the team has planned to do with breakpoints (we’ve been waiting for a clear direction for some time), as they seem much more inclined to provide response styling through “fluid” paths.

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Thanks for the update and giving some insights here @Louis.
Based on this, it is the only correct decision and I highly appreciate that (also along some other) features doesn’t just get added if it’s predictable it could lead into real problems in the future.

On the other side:
Waiting for the Gutenberg team might not be the best bet either.

Personally, I would rather still wait for some time instead of facing restrictions in the future.
But also, this is an important and very needed feature.


@Louis Is there any clarity from Gutenberg team about the breakpoints? I don’t see it anywhere on their roadmap. Is there any GitHub ticket regarding the same? I wonder where / how you want to go about it.

It looks like Gutenberg team might not introduce custom breakpoints.

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It looks like. If so, Cwicly should implement this then. Not everyone knows how to use min-max for a responsive site.

Hi @dranzer,

This is something that is still very unclear.
While the Gutenberg team has said that they don’t want to support responsive properties and custom breakpoints, I do have my doubts about the validity of this argument in the next year or so.

I think that they will be implementing some kind of logic as they have done with a lot of things they weren’t going to include in the core. Not necessarily by choice, but more so by pure pressure.

In any case, Cwicly is ready to implement custom breakpoints as the logic is already there.
The only problem I see here is third-party plugins and how we interact with them when setting these custom breakpoints, while allowing them to continue modifying their respective breakpoints.

I have the same feeling, in case their current statement does reflect their future plans.
But to be honest, I have my doubts here as well, in terms of what they do communicate.

Is there any deadline you set yourself how long you will wait?
My feeling is that we will see it at some point inside GB but it won’t be next year + the time it needs to find into WP core.
But this also depends on the acceptance of the community.

Gutenberg receives more and more traction and popularity, thanks to all the GB plugins, and I can’t imagine custom breakpoints won’t be a thing at some time.

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Do you know if they’ve mentioned anything about the responsive previews at all?

Switching from Desktop to Tablet is always quite slow & jarring, especially on longer pages (since it puts everything into an iFrame).

I really wish it was as smooth as going from Tablet to Mobile and vice versa.

Hi @sunny,

Indeed, the Post Editor is planned to behave just like the Site Editor at some point.
The jump from one to the other is something I’ve been asking the Gutenberg team to address for about two years.
Unfortunately, by putting the iFrame in place, they have to make sure they don’t break third-party integrations… This is starting to get a bit lengthy, and they might be favouring behaviours that at this stage don’t make much sense anymore.

Also, the switch between the normal container and iFrame is a bit of a nightmare to maintain if I’m being honest, as well as the differences between the Post Editor and Site Editor.

But all in all, they are making progress on all these different points and I have high hopes for the final Editor experience, which will bring all of these components together.


Hi @Marius,

This is a good point, the one year mark was going to be the deciding factor, it seems we’re here!

Currently, Cwicly doesn’t interfere with any Gutenberg core features, which means that we augment the Gutenberg base without affecting it.
Once/if we bring into action custom breakpoints, this will be an implementation that overrides the Gutenberg base Desktop/Tablet/Mobile paradigm.
Without going too far in what I’m going to say, I think Cwicly will be providing custom breakpoints in the next few months, while giving the ability to third-party plugins to still have access to the core breakpoints.


I totally feel you there. I was working on some in-editor styling a couple of months ago and couldn’t believe how the responsive preview actually functioned.

The site editor is so much more fluid, so I’m not sure why they don’t have a cohesive experience.

I’m glad that you’re pushing for them to figure things out. Thanks again for the synopsis.

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