Unable to verify this license bug

Dear admin

Every time I write an article with a large Doom size structure, the above error often occurs (usually articles > 2,500 words). This error does not happen or very rarely happens if the article has a small total Doom size

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

I’m sorry I missed this one when it was posted, thank you for bringing it up on the Facebook group.
Thank you for the access to your installation, which allowed me to confirm the issue on a post with more than 1,200 blocks.

We are taking a look at this and will release a fix for this in the coming updates.

Thank you for your patience on this one.

Hi @Louis I also see the same every day I open the site builder. There are only two sections on my page and only a few blocks there.

Dear Louis

This is an annoying bug for designers. Especially with posts/pages that have a complex structure and need a lot of combination of block. Hope the problem will be fixed soon

Thank you !

Moving this to fixed as no further comment has been made since

If you still have trouble with this, please reply to this thread and we’ll go from there.