Ul > Li not working in Woocommerce Short description

With latest WP, WC, Cwicly, basic editor features not working in woocommerce product editor.
If I change to any other theme, it is working again good.

Cwicly theme:

Other theme:

Hi @malaga,

This is a duplicate - please see:

And @Louis has confirmed the fix in the latest version

Hi Louis!
It is a brand new install.
I just installed WP, WC, Cwicly theme & plugin and after try to add a new product. Nothing other happened.


I think I see what you are referring to.

The Cwicly theme is a bare bones theme that allows you to add your own defaults.

I also noticed that the list style margins are set outside of the box for the block, which is what you are seeing.

You can configure these defaults in the Cwicly Global styles.

Also, you may be interested in these settings:

Yes these turned off, but i cant anywhere, where and how can I make make my own stylesheet, or use (if it has) cwicly’s solution.

Now, I’m turned on these options, but the ul > li doesnt work yet. (Yes i used regenerated all of everything. :smiley: )
It is seems only can work in backend. In frontend I can see the bulletpoints.