UI Global styles

I recognized, that different global style link options (if any defined), could be easily attached to a link by just selecting the respective global link option wanted. Should that not be the same for e.g. the global block typography options (and any other element options)? I am aware that this is possible directly thru the typo settings, but nethertheless it should be also possible this way for a consistent UX

Just not sure if the following settings works: define 2 different global link (settings), and attach them selectively to a block, or more challenging, to a link within a paragraph (did not manage to make that work), or the other way around, for this is generally not passible, what for to enable to generate more than one global style element “link”?

Hi @FZwo,

The <a> global styles are meant to be applied to all links (whether or not belonging to a Cwicly block). This was put in place to allow users to target links globally, allowing users to reach consistency throughout the website whether the element (<a>) is controlled or not by Cwicly.
The same goes for <button> and the following elements.

If you want to create 2 different global links, the class property will allow you to specify a class to which the link styles will be applied.
Only <a> with that specific class will now be styled in that manner (you can add this class to a block using the virtual class dropdown).

Having said that, the need for element styles (like block typography) does seem like a popular demand, we’ll be reviewing global styles to also add this type of logic.

Hope that clears a few things out!