UI broken: Is there any way to reset global typography settings?

I tried to import block settings from the cloud library, and that broke the UI. Is there any way to undo that or import a known good set, or something?

Hello @equitieslab,

Sorry to hear this.

The best option would be to send an email to support@cwicly.com with temporary access details so we can check what went wrong.


It turned out I could cut and paste from another side, without saving to a file, and that fixed it, so that fixed my problem. As far as reproing it goes, importing the block settings served to break the cwicly insta-wp demo you have on cwicly.com by pasting in content that got saved to a file first. I think that’s on another issue. But I’m good with cutting and pasting directly, without saving to a file, for now. Thanks for looking into it!!!