Typography units (not switching back)

Hello Cwicly users

When i remove the font-size setting in "Rem" or any other unit, the unit automatically goes back to "px". This is annoying because i remove the font-size to set a new font-size in the same unit and not in px.
Can you please solve this? Not sure if this is already requested. But i hope this will be fixed.
Thanks if solved! : )

Hello @pixelzaken,

Indeed, the unit does default back to px when the value is completely removed. We will be providing an option to specify the default units in Cwicly at some stage.
What I recommend in the meantime is to simply add the desired unit after having entered the value.
So write inside the field: 24rem
Not ideal but should help quicken things up.

Default units sounds good.Thanks for your reply.

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I’m also seeing the type units default back to pixels when they’re adjusted at different breakpoints. Not a huge deal but it definitely adds time to the process of setting things up to adjust responsively. Having the interface honor the units we set would be great.

Similarly, the color pickers always default back to hex which can be kind of maddening if you’re trying to tweak the alpha of color trying to get it just right.

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Thanks for bringing this one back up @chipriggs.

Indeed, the unit between responsive modes should stay the same if set on a larger device.

As for the colour picker, we are currently using the one shipped by Gutenberg but will be using a custom one very soon. If you have any special requests, this seems like a good time :slight_smile:

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Awesome, Thanks for the update. The colour picker works well other than the fact that it doesn’t honor the last colour space that was used and defaults to hex. I think the only thing I could ask for at the moment in that regard is that when working with background colour gradients, it would be great if it showed the global colours that are defined as it does for the default pickers (as seen in attached).
DefaultColourPicker GradientColourPicker

I’ve actually quite liked the colour picker Bricks has:

It took a while to get used to vs. a standard colour wheel, but I love that you can use one base colour and create a second that is the exact hue/saturation but just a bit lighter.


Oh, that is nice. :+1:

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Hello @pixelzaken,

Thanks for the request.

I’m moving this to “Done” as with we have just shipped Default Units which allow you to specify the default unit globally or more specifically depending on the CSS property.

If you have any suggestions or remarks, please let me know :slight_smile: