Tutorials out of date?

Hi guys,

Just installed cwicly and working through the first tutorial for the header but Ive noticed a problem

On the above page, it says add a section then apply properties to the section → flex, with row, centre, space between. On the next step it says to add a div for the logo and the same on the next page for the menu.

However, the builder is adding a container nested automatically in the section and this is not mentioned in the tutorial, and if followed as per the tutorial, the flex properties above don’t work for the logo and menu.

Shouldn’t the flex properties be applied to the container and not the section?


Hi @slpoty,

Welcome to Cwicly!

Yes, the Section block was enhanced several versions ago to enable us to access the container directly, and give us complete freedom, such as the ability to remove it or add multiple containers as needed.

Yes, you are 100% correct, apply the layout properties to the Container block.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Il keep wroking my way through the tuts.

Are there any prebuilt headers etc to learn from?


The Cwicly Design Library has 4 headers in it, last time I checked, that you can use for inspiration: Jose, Kari, Fare and Lux.

There are also many Menu examples.

Hi, how to I access the design library? I can’t find it in the latest version when I checked the online videos, the UI is different with no links to any library.

It’s the cloud icon (top one on the image) @slpoty.
There’s also the category “Menu” available which I suggest to check out.

Hi Marius, I tried that before posting but clicking on the cloud icon does nothing.

Could you please check your browser console for potential errors when clicking the icon?
If anything appears, please share the console log here.

There are no errors appearing when I try to click on the cloud icon.

For clarity - I am editing the header template part, when clicking the cloud icon, nothing happens.

However, if I head out and add a new page, the cloud icon works and the library is displayed. I selected the Sam UX as an exampleI can copy the header menu section, head back into themer and paste the menu in the header template part. So, this works but it’s a workaround.

That is unusual. Perhaps there is something conflicting? (e.g. another plugin or script).

I installed cwicly on a cloned live site and disabled all the plugins. All I was using was generator press pro and GP pro blocks. It has woocommerce installed - standard instal no tweaks.

I’ll try it on a vanilla install and see if that works.

Are there any other cwicly templates available piad or otherwise? The menus in the library are pretty basic from what I can see.


There might be a bug or 3rd party interference as @StrangeTech already pointed out, since a similar issue was posted before.
I suggest contacting support or creating a bug report here, so it can be further investigated.

This will not only fix your issue but potentially will also help other users who run into this as well in the future.

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Hi @slpoty,

Thank you for bringing this up, and thank you @StrangeTech and @Marius for helping out!

We apologise for any inconvenience you may have encountered while following our Getting Started documentation.
Currently, we are in the process of reviewing and revising our documentation to accommodate the various changes that Cwicly has undergone.

We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble accessing the Cloud Design Library.

If you are still experiencing trouble on a clean installation, kindly let me know and we’ll go from there.

Thank you.

Hi, it works fine on a fresh install. It doesn’t on the cloned site and I’ve disabled every plugin and set it to the Cwicly theme.

There are 2 errors appearing in the console on Chrome. Ive pasted a jam for you below. You can see when hovering over the cloud icon, it doesn’t do anything. You can see the errors but I’m not sure how to copy these in the chrome console.


It appears there is something overlaying the button.

If you very slowly move your cursor upwards from underneath and stop when the icon is highlighted, you may be able to click the button.

Whatever is overlayed seems to be preventing you from clicking the centre area of the button. Perhaps the site logo?


Great spot! And you’re right. See the jam. I’ve disabled everything deleted old themes, deleted the site icon and refreshed.

I don’t know where that overlay came from.


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Thank you for confirming this!
And thank you for the jams, it was very helpful :strawberry:

We’ll take a closer look at this and add a necessary fix to avoid any overlays blocking the Cloud Design Library icon.

Thank you for your understanding.

This is too obvious to even ask about it here, But look I really like the builder and from out of date to nothing I rather stay with something and figure out how things have changed since then.

I know cwicly team works hard and I have trust that they are going to improve things.

Now tuts are being deleted and I also know its hard for newcomers to learn without doing the tough work and more if we are not coders but man, one has to learn one way or the other.

So far this tool is amazing and I just expect it to be better, I am glad is not a life time deal or some risky business like that.
So thank you team hopefully you may end up fulfilling everyone’s expectations… at least the reasonable ones.

Let me get this straight. I’ve never engaged with you and you’ve made a post saying that I should never have asked because its “too obvious to even ask about”. And you’re implying that I’m unreasonable?

Ha! nah nah nah, Don’t get too warm buddy.
It IS a reasonable request, probably very important.
Tutorials are critical for the success of the tool for the new buyers like me to stay.
Its not a secret that the tools has undergone a huge amount of changes the last year.
I get its not known for everyone.
But it is obvious that the tutorials are outdated.

Now I really don’t care what you post or not, and you should not care about my comments either.