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I just joined the Cwicly community!
First, I want to thank everyone involved in this awesome project. I have finally found a tool that allows me to have complete freedom without having to write a line of code. Additionally, the team’s vision for business development resonates with me. I would also like to express my gratitude to the community for sharing and providing assistance.

While playing with the accordion block and following the video tutorial, I encountered a bug in the transition duration setting when I created the relative style for rotating the icon when the accordion is open. As you can see in the video, if I type “0,5” (with a comma), it doesn’t work. However, if I go back to the field to change the value, “none” automatically appears, which seems to be causing the problem. Subsequently, when I type “0.5s” (with a period), it works as intended. I also tried entering “0.5” (with a period) from the beginning after resetting the value, and that also works.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Have a great day!


(Let me know if there is a better way to share the video)

Hi @yoyoann,


Based on the css spec, I am not clear on exactly what result you were expecting.

Valid values might be “0”, “1s”, “0.5s”, “0, 1s”. To specify a time value it usually has either a millisecond or second specified (except for the zero value).

To specify multiple values you can separate them using a comma.

So in your case, it seems you may either be intending “0, 5s” (2 values separated by a comma), or “0.5s” (one decimal value requiring a unit).


Thank you for your response!
I expected “0,5” to be accepted as “0.5s”, in the video tutorial this works:

I see.

Based on the CSS directly, I don’t see how that could work, given the conflict between the decimal character and the comma used for multiple values. Perhaps the Cwicly team can confirm.

I can only assume that for that video it may be to do with localisation / internationalisation settings or perhaps Cwicly was previously doing some magic to add a default duration.

We know that in different regions, there are different conventions and we are all normalising to essentially use an American convention (e.g. color instead of colour/couleur, 1.0 and not 1,0, etc).

So, purely from a CSS standpoint, this doesn’t seem like a bug.

Hi @yoyoann,

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation for Cwicly.
We are thrilled to hear that you have discovered a tool that empowers you with complete freedom, without the need to code, which is the ultimate goal.

We deeply value the support and assistance provided by our community.
Their contributions and willingness to share have been instrumental in making this project a success.
We are grateful for their involvement. :heart_hands:

Sorry to hear you have come across an issue with the transition duration.
Thank you @StrangeTech for helping out!

Indeed, before, transition durations formatted with a comma were valid, but were unintentionally removed with the addition of the free text input.

So I can confirm this is a bug.
We’ll be sure to have a fix for this as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Cwicly magic! So, @Araminta, can I just confirm whether this means that Cwicly doesn’t support multiple values yet, or if there is some further cleverness going on.

Hello everyone,

Just coming back here to confirm that since the update allowing free and unit input for transition properties, the comma format on transition-duration or other properties of the same kind are not considered valid.

Thank you for bringing this up, @yoyoann.

As for multiple transition values, Cwicly has supported these for quite some time using the :heavy_plus_sign: icon in the appropriate transition tab.

Apologies for the confusion here. I’ll be moving this to general.


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