Transform properties toggles

Not sure if this is a bug, but it’s been there since the beginning.

The transform panel (properties) is directly connected to any pseudo classes/elements and Relative Styles.
If a property is toggled (blue icon), it is toggled in every instance I mentioned above.
It doesn’t matter from which of these instances the property gets toggled, it transfers to all the other ones.

This is highly confusing to me.
In case this isn’t a bug, there could be some explanation provided why it’s implemented this way.

Hello @Marius,

This is a good point.

We were trying to underline the fact that a specific transform group had been toggled on, whether on a pseudo class/element or not.
This was not a good choice in the end. You can’t simply toggle it off for one specific state, which is confusing.

Definitely on our list of improvements to be worked on!

Thanks for bringing it up.


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Hey @Louis, thanks for picking this up.

That’s the only purpose I could imagine.
I think it was a good idea in general, but maybe not thought through or implemented in an inconvenient way?

Well, that’s an actual issue, since it’s required to delete values instead of just toggling the property.

Thanks for fixing this, maybe it will return in some different form at some point.

Appreciate the recently introduced tweak in this regard @Louis.
Didn’t test extensively throughout all the instances (RS, pseudos, etc.) yet, but no issues faced until now.

Thanks again for making everything possible.

Hello @Marius,

Thanks for confirming this and for bringing this up in the first place, much appreciated.
I will now be moving this to fixed as the final correction in addresses the last standing bug.