Top/bottom & left/right synchronization issue in spacing settings

Cwicly Plugin version:


The top/bottom & left/right inputs synchronization doesn’t work very good:

  • we have to press ALT+UP/DOWN to sync inputs, so there is always a +1/-1 on the values
  • additionnal UP/DOWN with ALT still pressed doesn’t sync the second input, only the first change is synced
  • so we have to release ALT and start again, but then there is again +1/-1
  • ALT is used by the system/browser to focus the current window menu, so pressing ALT just once loses the input focus and we have to come back with the mouse or keyboard
  • it is not consistent with main sync button linking the four inputs

Tried a few times and each time it is like never ending :rofl:

A few thoughts:

  1. Why not use a small “lock/link” toggle button between inputs which would automatically sync any change from one input to the other, like the main sync button? No shortcut here, just a lock which should memorized.

  2. I like the keyboard shortcut as well, so fixing sync after first +1/-1 should be easy.

  3. Maybe when ALT (or maybe use CTRL instead) is pressed, the first UP/DOWN should sync but NOT change the value, and additional UP/DOWN continue synching AND change values.

EDIT: Changed to BUG

Hi @Louis, issue mentioned in 2nd and 3rd bullets seems to be fixed in, but can’t tell in which version fixed it.