Timing is everything

…And my timing is terrible. I just stumbled on Cwicly from an article written a few months back and it looked PERFECT for what our team has been dreaming of. Tailwind: check, Built on Guttenberg: check, Developer and User friendly: check. Imagine my sadness when I RAN over to the site only to find the project has been shut down.

In terms of alternatives, I haven’t seen anything that comes even close (especially as it pertains to tailwind). So my question now is, are there plans to open source it? Is the project just on pause with the intention to continue in the future? Is there still a way to build new sites with it? Any sign of hope would be helpful.

Also if any cwicly users have insight into other alternatives we’re totally open. Thanks so much for the very evident hard work the team has put into Cwicly in advance!


It’s unfortunate, but your timing is actually fantastic. You’re in a much better position than anyone who has sites built with Cwicly :wink:

By all accounts thus far, I wouldn’t hold any hope for a possible future.

I’m moving on to Bricks for new builds. Frankly, I don’t think it’s as good and lacks of lot of what you mentioned, but I also don’t think there’s a better alternative available.

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Valid point! I guess I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be a push to open source and let the community build upon things. I fully respect the choice to move out of a toxic environment but sadly it’s hard to square that away with leaving customers to languish without new features.

I’m probably poking my nose where it doesn’t belong and if so I apologize up front. Just sad when great products can’t survive outside of their origins. As for bricks, it just doesn’t do it for me and feel disconnected from the overall Gutenberg vision. I guess it’s back to custom blocks for now. Cheers!

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Sadly, there is no better alternative yet. :rofl:

i think cwicly raised the bar so high that they opened a gap that it’s hard to close with the alternatives we have today, as they are now.

i share your sadness @jason1, and mine goes a little deeper as someone who built a year-long project with cwicly and planned future projects, just to face it’s abrupt extinction. it’s kind of a “i don’t wanna do this anymore” feeling. which i’ll eventually get over, of course, but till then… i mourn.

for all it’s worth, at least now we know what’s possible… and the opportunity is wide open for anyone thinking about building a new page builder, or for those already in the market to take the lead and potentially gain a lot of market share.


For sure glad I wasn’t already building on it and truly feel bad for all you folks relying on it for your lively hood. Hope we can find something similar in the future or it goes open source.

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