Thoughts on the live-stream today

Hey There,

Missed the live stream today but I’ve just watched the whole Video and I have to say, although this seems like a “small” update in comparison with the mega menu update, I think this is going to be a bigger update than the mega menu one. I’m fascinated. And as @Louis mentioned a few times in the video, I do like and love the concept and the philosophy cwicly is going. The separation between global and block classes is, and always was, one of the uncountable details cwicly is spending an eye on it and for what I am very thankful.

All the mentioned features that will arrive are warming my heart, and it confirms one more time that cwicly is the right horse to bet on.

I’m personally thrilled to see where it’s going with Components, that feature has such a great undescribeable potential. And also the decision to wait with any CSS-Framework until that’s done is the perfectly right one!

Love the way it is going and looking forward seeing what’s coming the next months.

If there’s only one thing I could wish then it would be to add some options for defining custom variable names for the color picker. That’s a thing I need very often and I work around by either defining my colors in a stylesheet or by following my “internal” list of which color has to come when :smiley: It’s something like
cc-color-5 = primary
cc-color-6 = secondary

But the problem, if not very obvious, is that if I start wrong I have to rework the whole site. I’m using those color variables in some Plugins for which I don’t want to create extra Setting Pages/Controls but I want to have different colors applied!

Ooh and there’s one thing that came to my mind when Louis showed the custom Input for some CSS Properties. Wouldn’t it be sometimes nice to have complete control over the CSS inside the cwicly builder? I think has such a feature to define custom CSS with a key/value input. I think that would resolve a lot of problems I am often facing with relative styling (for example there’s no possibility to set object-fit: cover/contain/… on an image selected with RS).

Thanks once again for your great work @Louis, @Araminta and the whole Team!



Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend either - only had the time to leave a quick hello in the chat at the very beginning.

First off, a very interesting format. Looking forward to the upcoming editions, it could turn out to be particularly useful and valuable.
Also appreciate your efforts in increasing the broadcast quality significantly - it really was a totally different experience this time.

So many tweaks and improvements, wouldn’t consider this as a “small update” at all. Didn’t expect that so soon after the nav block release.
I love what I see, another step in the right direction. Both workflow wise and making Cwicly more accessible to all users by lowering the entry barriers.

I won’t go into detail here, as I first need to get my hands on it first before providing any feedback. In theory and from my first impression, this will be a major update for me personally.
Didn’t count it, but at least half a dozen personal suggestions seem to be implemented in the coming release. Let’s see how it turns out, I’m so excited!

Thank you so much for the credits @Louis, you really made my day :heart_eyes:
From my side as well to every contributing user here, I really appreciate this community.
To the entire team which is working silently hard for us in the background - thank you!
Also, thanks to @zeinnicholas for your kind words in the chat, you put a smile on my face.

I would’ve loved to hear some words about interactions though but will make sure to ask about it in one of the upcoming spotlights.


Hello @Wolfgang,

Thank you very much for your kind words and enthusiasm.
The feedback I’ve received from yesterday’s live comforts the direction we’re taking and I can’t wait to release these next features in the coming weeks/month.

Great point about naming colours. I didn’t mention it yesterday as I’m not quite sure of the timing for this, but global variables will be making their way and will be easily selectable when modifying their linked properties.

As for the point about some properties lacking when using Relative Styling, we are planning to bring custom CSS to it and global classes so that those missing properties can be applied easily.
Free rule input is also on its way.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Cwicly :slight_smile:


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Hello @Marius,

So glad this format is interesting to you.
We were hesitant about it as I know everyone’s time is precious, but the feedback is very positive. A slightly shorter format should help make this a nice get together over the smaller updates.

:see_no_evil: I appreciate it’s been difficult, and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it… It finally ended up being the in-browser streaming causing the issues, so we should be good to go from now on.

The interactions do need some love, and they’re still there in the background waiting to be reworked. I haven’t yet found a space for them, but I’m hoping to address them as a whole in the summer with some extra help.

We can quickly explore this in the next spotlight, as the planned rework will emphasise facilitated interactivity compared to the current implementation.

Thanks once again for your support and passion, @Marius!

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I had to watch the video afterwards too, and I feel so excited :star_struck:

I have to agree with previous messages, this will be a HUGE update, indeed way bigger than the mega menu or any new block ever. The inspector and class UI rework looks AWESOME, the free CSS inputs will save a lot of time and hassle, not to mention the upcoming new section block, oh and the components…
By the way I’m very impressed by how Cwicly still remain the perfect balance between beginner and developper friendly builder, by offering very accessible and powerful blocks and settings and at the same time improving the more advanced workflow, all this kept in sync with Gutenberg and FSE. My external stylesheet and custom codes are shrinking every day! Great work :heart:

As for the spotlight format, I love it too. It kindof reduces distance between us :wink:
It also gives us hints about what’s coming up and how it works, allowing us to think stuff in advance and anticipate how we’re going to welcome it in our workflow. Then when it is released, we can directly jump to it without thinking and work.

Congrats to the team!

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Same here, I missed the live session!
I watched the recorded video with great pleasure.
Thank you, Team Cwicly!

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Watched the replay…

Wow about the Tailwind teaser. I was not expecting that at all. What are the plans for this? Full template imports?