Themer: more details in the visibility condition

I have serval templates for my pages, but, with the actual visibility conditions, I can’t use it there and I have to do it in the template section of each page.
If I take the example of Elementor, there is a field more after the “page” field

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I’ve also wondered about that.
Not sure if there is a way yet to define it more precisely, since I didn’t dig deeper.

Agreed. The abillity to assign a template to a speciffic page/post would be really helpfull.

The main problem, is that, if you put the condition first, and goes to the page to add the template, on front, it doesn’t work. I had the problem and had erase the condition.

So…Do you have to add the template on a speciffic page first and only then apply condition for it to work?

In the themes, I don’t apply a condition. on the pages screen, in the column “template”, thanks to admin column, I added the template. You can also do it on the page screen.

I also use this method to select templates for individual pages.

The way we have set it up is as follows:

  • If you want to apply a template to all pages → set the condition from the Cwicly Themer to Pages

  • If you want a specific template for a specific page → use the Template panel inside the page editor itself.

We chose to not allow specific page selection since it can be done from the page itself. But, I can also see that if you wanted to apply a template to multiple pages, this might slow you down.

Would you like to see a specific page selection in the Cwicly Themer? We might as well expand this to all other post types?

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I would be a good thing: like this, we can manage everything from the same screen. It is easier and quicker.


Hi, I would allso like this feature.

With the Version I am not able to add templates to a single page. But I am not sure if it was possible before. :thinking: Is this part of the feature request, was never possible or a bug?

Hi there @T-low,

Are you not able to use the Template selector on a page type?

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Woops, got some pageblindness there :grimacing:

Was too focused on adding a template via the template part block.

Glad that sorted it out.
But having this condition in the Themer is planned, as to keep everything centralised in one place.

This was added in
Moving this to done.

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