Themer: more details in the visibility condition

I have serval templates for my pages, but, with the actual visibility conditions, I can’t use it there and I have to do it in the template section of each page.
If I take the example of Elementor, there is a field more after the “page” field

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I’ve also wondered about that.
Not sure if there is a way yet to define it more precisely, since I didn’t dig deeper.

Agreed. The abillity to assign a template to a speciffic page/post would be really helpfull.

The main problem, is that, if you put the condition first, and goes to the page to add the template, on front, it doesn’t work. I had the problem and had erase the condition.

So…Do you have to add the template on a speciffic page first and only then apply condition for it to work?

In the themes, I don’t apply a condition. on the pages screen, in the column “template”, thanks to admin column, I added the template. You can also do it on the page screen.

I also use this method to select templates for individual pages.

The way we have set it up is as follows:

  • If you want to apply a template to all pages → set the condition from the Cwicly Themer to Pages

  • If you want a specific template for a specific page → use the Template panel inside the page editor itself.

We chose to not allow specific page selection since it can be done from the page itself. But, I can also see that if you wanted to apply a template to multiple pages, this might slow you down.

Would you like to see a specific page selection in the Cwicly Themer? We might as well expand this to all other post types?

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I would be a good thing: like this, we can manage everything from the same screen. It is easier and quicker.


Hi, I would allso like this feature.

With the Version I am not able to add templates to a single page. But I am not sure if it was possible before. :thinking: Is this part of the feature request, was never possible or a bug?

Hi there @T-low,

Are you not able to use the Template selector on a page type?

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Woops, got some pageblindness there :grimacing:

Was too focused on adding a template via the template part block.

Glad that sorted it out.
But having this condition in the Themer is planned, as to keep everything centralised in one place.