Themer Child Theme

I’ve read through the discussions surrounding Themer’s child theme. The link provided in one of the discussions at only includes the screenshot.png and style.css. Where is the functions.php file with enqueued styles?

functions.php is not required if you need one you can simply add it. Also, load the child style sheet if necessary. I used that same child theme and I just added the functions.php myself. Although, I no longer enqueue the child stylesheet. I’ve noticed that the CSS I add to the child stylesheet only affects the frontend, not the editor itself.

I don’t understand why Cwicly hasn’t set up a child theme with the child stylesheet enqueue by default on both the editor and frontend. I am sure there is an explanation.

Is it the new structure of FSE themes that doesn’t require style.css to be enequeued? I’m too am finding that my style.css changes only affect the the front end; I don’t see any changes in the builder. Curious, what code did you use to enqueue? Something similar to this. . .

function cwicly_child_theme_enqueue()
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'cwicly_child_theme_enqueue');

Well, classic themes or block themes do not require the stylesheet to be enqueue. As long as it has the required comment structure on the stylesheet to identify the theme, it just needs to be present in the theme’s root directory.

As I mentioned, I stopped enqueuing the child stylesheet for that reason. Now what I do is create a “main” stylesheet in the Cwicly global settings. Any additional CSS added here will affect the frontend AND the builder canvas.