Theme License Bug

Hi. I have this error on the my website.

We could not verify your website, you might have to check your license activation.

Also when checking license on the cwicly settings it shows License - Unexpected Error

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I got same problem.

and everytime i edit a page, it will break the editor.

Hi @kris and @kien,

Sorry to hear you’re both experiencing this.

Please contact us at as this error suggests your servers are being blocked by our web host, which will necessitate more information.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks @Araminta . Already sent an email

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same for me, will send a mail to support too

“We could not verify your website, you might have to check your license activation.”
Sent a mail to support.

@Araminta Any fix? I’m quite disappointed with this. I’ve been using cwicly for a month but this only happens yesterday. I cannot properly edit the website as it always shows unable to verify license during edit. The website was supposed to be launched today but I’m afraid it will moved due to this issue which is not good.

We’re noticing verification calls being blocked by hosts like Hostinger that use Imunify360 WAF → more specifically this message appears when trying to verify the license: “Please wait while your request is being verified…”

This is unfortunately out of our control.

@kris, I have replied to your message asking for temporary access.

Does anybody solve this issue?

As notified in my reply to you by email, we’re in contact with our webhost as well as yours and having this addressed as soon as possible.
This is unfortunately out of our hands as we don’t control server firewalls.

I already contacted our webhost and there’s no Imunify360 WAF installed on our server. There is active firewall but we also tried disabling that but nothing happens. And this all works last week. Without any changes I continue working yesterday and it shows that error. What I’m seeing here is issue with your webhost. It is quite disappointing that this happens this time that should live the site and cannot do anything with the website now. Any update on what your webhost says?

correction: updating to Cwicly has resolved that issue only until today, error occurs again

Hello everyone,

First of all, apologies for the trouble and inconvenience this is causing. Please contact us at if you do experience this issue so that we can manually apply a quick fix as soon as possible.

I can confirm that there have been reported issues with the license checker API with certain installations being blocked along the way by Cloudflare security… Our web host denies any implication although setting up a proxy activation server fixes the issue.

We will be issuing a fix in the next update.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


If this is caused by cloudflare, then not only cloudflare is affected. Apart from some of my sites are running on cloudflare, another site is still with Strato, and got the same error

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Indeed, @FZwo, the blocking issue is happening on our side, although our web host will not confirm.

We have now introduced a second license verification server in

If you still encounter issues with this, please let me know by replying to this thread.

Thanks everyone for your patience on this and apologies for the inconvenience.

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