The state of Tailwind integration & components?

I’m going to be developing a site with Tailwind UI components. I started creating blocks with Pinegrow, but then I saw that Cwicly had a new Tailwind integration. I gave it a try and was instantly smitten. Cwicly’s UI is gorgeous and the Tailwind user experience is second to none. Plus it has components, something I’ve always wanted in a builder. I subscribed on February 27 and was really excited to start learning.

My question is: to those who have used Tailwind and components, how complete/usable are these features right now? I know there was more on the roadmap, but now with no new features, I’m wondering if it’s worth my time and effort to learn it / build something with it?

I think I know the answer, but I’m interested in hearing what experienced Cwicly users have to say…

If you rely on basic blocks, it’s pretty complete imo.

For me, it’s unusable, as we don’t have HTML access via GUI to all instances of some blocks (there are quite a few), like nav block, etc. This was already in development.

Not crucial for many I’d assume, but an option to remove default classes/styles from blocks when using TW is missing. This point goes hand in hand with:

Global TW styles for blocks are also missing. It was planned, but wouldn’t consider it as a general requirement (for me, it is, also for the above mentioned reason). Quite unfortunate it didn’t make it, as it would really help inside a builder.

Components can be considered as fully functional and feature rich. One of the best out there, but without future improvements of course.

There are 2-3 general features missing, like theme import/export, which makes it hard for me to go on with Cwicly.
If you find no crucial limitation in terms of features, workflow, etc., and have no trust issues, Cwicly is the way to go. It will take years for others to catch up.