The Page Design is showing on laptop but not on mobile

Hi creating first website with Cwicly coming from Kadence. I am facing two problems. 1-My all design is lost on mobile I am attaching screen shots 2- I applied flex and set justify item to center but the heading is still on the top.

Any help or guidance why this is happening.

Hi @Sohail,

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Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

1- I believe the reason you’re having trouble with your content not being properly loaded, is because your website is having trouble with SSL.

Kindly ensure it is enabled, and see if it helps.

2- If you have applied flex without setting a flex-direction, you will want to set align instead of justify to centre your blocks.

Here is a visual demonstration:


Hope this helps!

Thanks for quick response.

1- If it is due to SSL, it is still a big issue because SSL certificates takes time in some hosting. 3 days to a week. During which site building continues.

2- I have set flex direction for container vertical. Check screenshot

Thank you for getting back to me, @Sohail.

1- I understand your concern regarding SSL certificates and their potential impact on website development.

However, please note that SSL certificate requirements are inherent to using WordPress and not a specific issue related to Cwicly.

2- If you wish to centre your Container in your Section block, be sure to set align-items: centre

Once you have done so, let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again for quick response, problem 2 is solved now. The Container content is now centered I have after I set height of container equal to height of section.


1-I have another website I am building with Kadence, no SSL but it is going fine. If you want to see I will show it to you. So this is something you need to have look at it.

Glad to hear that helped, @Sohail!

Concerning your SSL issue, it’s important to understand that the browser won’t load the files correctly until your SSL issue is resolved.
Unfortunately, this matter is beyond Cwicly’s control.

As for Kadence, it’s possible that they are inlining CSS, meaning there are no files to load.
Consequently, whether your installation has an SSL certificate or not won’t affect the display of content.