Template sites featured on YouTube

Are the template sites that have been featured on youtube in the past the latest themes & plugins?
There are areas where the design is broken and people may stop considering purchasing before purchasing Cwicly.:sweat_smile:
(I found this in the process of listing past template sites for my own use.)

In addition, it would be useful if there is a list of templates and videos on how to use them in the official site.

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Hello @Takeru.

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing with the library.
Could you possibly give me an example of which designs are broken so that we can see what’s gone wrong and fix this as soon as possible!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also noticed that.
I just think this is “normal” after all that changes/updates over the time.
Demo’s are not “broken” in my opinion, there are just a couple of tiny/small CSS issues here and there.

Since I find it an important feature for people who start out with Cwicly, this should be checked regularly.

PS: No idea where the given heart came from, so I felt kind of forced to give my opinion on this as well, since I was not allowed to remove it anymore, at the time I noticed :smiling_face:

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Indeed, the Library needs a complete rethink in terms of performance, visuals etc…
It is planned, but we don’t yet have a spot in time to do it!

Reactions can be removed within 10 minutes, after that it is engraved forever :wink:

Thanks for the hint, must’ve been a misclick when scrolling on the phone :innocent:

I check speed tests, SEO tags, mobile display, etc. on template sites for other themes, so I would prefer all templates to be up-to-date if possible.

However, I would be more than happy to have additional features added as a priority for existing users. :+1:

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Same here, and the Library is not representative of Cwicly’s performance in its current stage, so definitely something we have to get fixed :+1: