Template previews don't show in Firefox

Tested on two different installs.

The new Themer template previews work in Chrome, but not Firefox:

While I’m on the topic, I also feel like clicking on the thumbnails should go to the template? Clicking on the small pencil icon takes a bit more effort.

Hey there @sunny,

Thanks for the report, this didn’t jump out in the tests :see_no_evil:
We did notice it earlier today, and are working on it!

As for clicking the preview, it was subject to conversation in the team… I wanted to privilege the ability to scroll lengthy pages, but definitely something we can adjust.


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Ah I didn’t even realize you could scroll them - cool.

I don’t know how much control you have over the HTML, but I just played around with adding the template link to the parent div and pointer-events: none to the child, and that would let you both click and scroll :slight_smile:

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Hello @sunny,

Thanks for the report once again.

This was an interesting one I wasn’t aware of in Firefox.
The content is loaded and displayed (which explains why it passed our tests), but then goes blank if new dynamic data is added afterwards.

Should be fixed in

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Strange! Thanks for making them clickable now too.

P.S. I just noticed that they’re not clickable if you scroll down the preview. Adding overflow: auto to the anchor should solve that.

Thanks, @sunny, much appreciated!

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