Template lock

From time to time, I notice that the templates for certain post types doesn’t load. (the posts for example)
Just going in the themer and loading the conditions panel (without doing any change) fix the issue, but that’s harder to explain to clients.

I haven’t noticed any patterns that could be the trigger for this, that could lead to the issue.

So I was thinking if some form of “template locking” could be implemented. (to force loading the template or give an error if it fails, that could help to debug)

Hi there @alex,

Thanks for bringing this up.

This has been reported by a few users.
Unfortunately, and strangely enough, we haven’t been able to find the root cause of this issue which makes it near impossible for us to address at the moment.

The conditions for templates are stored in the database and are not modified except from the Themer itself.

We’re still looking at reproducing this reliably and from there we will be able to issue a fix.

I do apologise for this, as it is highly inconvenient. Please rest assured we are doing our best to find a solution.

One trigger I found (not all the time) is editing the template of that specific post type.

The flow: small change on the template → save → template doesn’t load on that post.
Fix: just load the themer’s page main page. (not even needed to go to the specific template conditions)

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Hi, is the bug limited to just the situation you described (the bug also apears on my site)? I just want to be sure, that the site works fine for my clients (they wont change the design parts, but the dynamic ACF content), without the possibility of empty sites.
Thanks for your help! Greentings

This issue is still happening from time to time.

Should be fixed in