Taxomony list block doesn't show options to completely exclude a taxonomy

I’ve seen your video on the taxonomy list block. In the video, the exclude option (source: current) offered the possibility to exclude a taxonomy (categories, tags etc.) completely. Currently it seems that you can only exclude individual categories or tags.

Some more thoughts on the taxonomy list Block

These are not bugs but some things I came across playing around with the taxomomy list block:

In a template, it’s only possible to insert blocks into the taxonomy list block if a dynamic preview other than current item is selected. Maybe preselect newest post as dynamic preview when template editor is opened.

Source: Individual

It would be great if there would be the possibility to exclude the current item, for example to display all categories but the current one on an category/tag archive page.

In General

For beginners it’s quite hard to understand how the block works. Maybe add a short description that you need to add a text block and select the dynamic source “taxonomy query”.

Keep up the great work!

Hello @MarcovB,

Thanks for the suggestions and bug report.
Indeed, the taxonomy listing had been removed from the current source option.

This has been reinstated in along with an option to exclude the current terms being queried if custom source is selected.

We have taken note about the seeming complexity of the block and will make sure to guide users through the block generation.

Thanks once again for taking the time to come here and write about your experience, much appreciated.

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Thanks again for the quick fix and the new implementation! You’re doing fantastic work. :slight_smile:

I’m always happy to help.

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