Tailwind Primer

I’m guessing that Tailwind integration is being worked. I wonder if the Cwicly team has any Tailwind primer or resources they suggest for getting ready for this new feature?

Hi @David. I have been going through an excellent Tailwind CSS course by Brad Traversy.

It’s a paid course, but only $25. Brad really packs in the value for his courses. That is just a straight link to his website. I’m not an affiliate.

I also just looked on Udemy and it’s on sale for $11.99. I actually have access to Udemy through my library which is how I got it. :slight_smile:

Is that the kind of resource you were looking for?

Beyond that, the Tailwind CSS site is a great reference.


Thank you for the suggestions.

Hello @David,

As @Judahlynn mentioned, the Tailwind docs do hold a lot of valuable information.
The customisation part is also something important in Tailwind.

The goal with integrating Tailwind into Cwicly is that it feels as native and simple as using the current property panels.
This removes the need to remember most Tailwind classes. This also takes into account media queries, colours, light/dark mode etc…

We’ll also have a walkthrough video when we launch the integration.



Thank you for chiming in with that information. I suspect that the Cwicly Tailwind integration will be unique in the WP ecosystem and am looking forward to trying it out.


Hey David - good to see you in here - I cannot wait for the Tailwind integration - OR for your video giving it a try :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am a Cwicly fan and I look forward to trying out the Tailwind integration.


And I am a Cwicly and David Fan! Thanks David for your vides they are so helpful.

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By the way, did they release teh update today? I am looking for it.

It’s coming on Wednesday

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