Tailwind classes: allow to change breakpoint on right click and/or double click to edit


We often build pages on a large breakpoint. The problem is that all Tailwind classes are applied only for the large breakpoint. So now we have to delete the class, switch to the correct breakpoint and re-add our class…

While an “apply to base mode” toggle somewhere would be handy, please consider the following:


On each Tailwind class add a right-click / contextual menu with:

  • apply to all breakpoints (base)
  • apply to breakpoint sm
  • apply to breakpoint lg
  • apply to hover / remove hover

OR (maybe even better):

  • Allow us to double-click a tailwind class to rename it directly from the list (so we can tweak and edit breakpoints/states/groups easily).

For sure these are excellent points and would be super helpful. I am fairly new to responsive breakpoint classes and TW. I am picking thing sup “cwicly” though thansk to your incredible platform. It woudl be nice to be able to group the breakpoint classes together (maybe that can already be achieved using the “shell” feature?? Regardless, it would be amazing to be able to apply or remove classes from other breakpoints easily… and maybe some sort of overview of all the breakpoints and classes together? or a chart or something to see what is where? Maybe this is already available? But I do find it pretty challenging right now to tell what is what and what is applied where… Because if it is set as the base… then it doesn’t show up in the edit mode on that breakpoint which is challenging. (and we still have the underlying cwicly settings to also contend with and check, I posted another suggestion about making it easier to see what settings are applied on the current view because if any cwicly settings are set it causes issues with the TW settings but you can not really tell if cwicly settings are set unless you turn off TW which can get very tedious especially when layered with BP’s). But then again, i am new so maybe I am missing something. I am sure I have it way better than those before me, but we are striving for best not better right! : ) I am sure you all are already working on these items and aware, but wanted to throw in my hat with the others and add my two cents.

I think reusing the class dialog and opening it up in an “edit mode” with the current class pre-populated would be optimal user experience.

This way any enhancements made to the class dialog for selecting and adding tailwind classes will be automatically available when editing them as well.