Tailwind and block settings UI

Currently when we add a spreadsheet with our own classes we see that a class has been applied, but the settings in the block inspector doesn’t reflect it.

A very nice feature shown in the livestream is that we will be able to apply Tailwind classes from the block inspector settings and we will see them applied there. That is a very nice integration that will make it easier to use.

If we use a custom Tailwind config file will the settings still show in the block inspector when that is loaded? I got the impression it would. That would be so awesome.

Hello @David,

Thanks for noticing this one.
Allowing users to either add the classes through the class selector or visually through the block inspector was a necessity for us, as it allows users who aren’t familiar with Tailwind to use it without any extra knowledge than using Cwicly.

As long as they’re specified as theme defaults or extensions in the config file, we will be able to show those custom settings values in the block inspector fields also :+1:

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Hey Louis,

jumping in here, to add two quick questions! :wink:

With Extension you are probably referring to the “extend” functionality of tailwind, right?

By making that screenshot another question came to my mind. I’m normally using the DEFAULT key, alongside the “500” key, which are, as you can see, basically the same, but allows me to use something like ".text-primary" alongside with ".text-primary-500" (so just a nice shorthand), would that be supported…Will colors show up in the Color-Picker too, if so, Should I wean myself off that behavior of using -500 and DEFAULT together right now? :smiley: