Tab List/Content Blocks - Autoplay

An option to enable autoplay for the Tab Block which then starts to cycle through the List/Content blocks when they come into view.

A bonus could be a dedicated Link Action Trigger to start/pause the autoplay by user interaction, if no autoplay is set, or to pause/start the autoplay when enabled by default.

I’ve seen that request on the FB community and found it quite interesting.
Visual Reference | Example


I would really love this.
Here is another example of the autoplay function on vertical tabs, where the progress bar is a vertical border device, so it would be great to have flexibility over how the autoplay progress bar appears: Business streamlining and collaboration solutions | Google Workspace

This adds a lot of sophistication to vertical tabs and allows more content to be displayed without user interaction.

And of course enabling this functionality for horizontal tabs too would be great.

Design-wise, you already have total freedom.
It’s all about the proposed options, not the design.

Regarding your example:
That would require a stop autoplay on click option, which is another great idea.
As soon as the user actively interacts with it, stopping the autoplay makes sense.

Progress indicators can be implemented then with pseudo elements and Relative Styling.
It just requires attributes to target for the different states (hover, clicked, etc.)