Stylesheet did not apply to the frontend

I noticed something with my fresh install.
Not sure why! It looks like the stylesheet is not working for the fresh installation. As you can see, there is a class `.hero-entry h1 {color:#ffff00 !important;}
It works only in the editor, but not in the frontend.

Any ideas?
I have enabled the stylesheet (green dot). But the global stylesheet worked well with another Cwicly’s build. Maybe I missed anything for this site?

The three questions that will help narrow this down are:

  1. is the hero-entry class being applied to the element on the front-end?
  2. does the hero entry contain a h1?
  3. is the global stylesheet being loaded on the front-end?

Yes! It does.


I just checked the global stylesheet, it’s empty. The stuff I added did not appear.

I think there was a ghosted issue with my previous installation. I reinstalled everything, and now the stylesheet works fine.