Style a Portion of Text Within a List Block

Perhaps I’m missing something, but it appears that it’s not possible to style a portion of text within a List Block using either the toolbar or the tag:

can you try doing it as a span. highlight the text you want to style and click on arrow down icon then span. it will add relative styling to the span which you can style separately

I have tried this trick but the result is the same.

Hi @weedor,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

In your screencast, it seems to be applying the bold styling.
Is it not applying on the frontend?

To me the problem you seem to be experiencing is an issue with its placement, which could be linked to this.

To see whether this is the case or not, could you possibly reach out to us at and provide us with a temporary access?

If yes, to keep things secure and private, kindly send the details using:

Thank you in advance.