Sticky button in section

I want to have a sticky button at the top of a section.
This button stays sticky until the end of scrolling of the section.
Then the button goes away with the section.

I am pretty sure that I have seen here the solution but I can’t find out the topic!
Can you help me please.

In most cases, position:sticky and top:0 should do the job.
Let me know if there are any issues.

Sorry, it doesn’t work!

Here is the structure:

The first Cwicly Div is block: position: sticky; top: 0;
The first Heading is some text

The second Div is flex (I tried with Block with the same result)
The Cwicly Paragraph is a very long text.

Here is the generated code:

Glad to have a closer look in case there is a live site available.

Here is the admin access:

The structure is in the front-page template.

Thanks @Marius

For me, it’s working.
Maybe there is a misunderstanding in what exactly you want to achieve?

I can’t understand.
It didn’t worked. I exit the site and came into: now it works perfectly.

Thanks again @Marius

In fact, before posting here, I tested in a localhost.
I had to close the tab of the browser and reopen the site in order to have the sticky running well.

In case you have problem with sticky positioning in the future, this will help you to fix it (most likely).
From my experience, some are not aware of #4, which causes the majority of related issues.


Strange behavior:
I moved the sticky Div in the structure and I had to exit all the tabs (backend and frontend), reopen the site in order to sticky Div works fine.

Thank you very much @marius.
It a top site that it is really great to know.

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