Static WordPress compatibility?


Is Cwicly compatible on a Strattic set up? Did anyone try this already?

No one? I might try it then and will give feedback

I ended up experimenting with static WordPress, not with Strattic though but Shifter (

I can confirm that this works well with Cwicly. The only block I didn’t try yet is the filter block. I’ll update this topic with any incompatibility issues.

My trial website scored a 100 pagespeed test, which is what I’m looking for with Cwicly and static WordPress.


Hi @A375929,

Sorry for not replying to this thread.
Thanks for the follow-up, very interesting indeed.

Haven’t had time to look into these solutions unfortunately but don’t think the filter block will work as it relies on API requests and not HTML pages.
If you have a moment to try it out I’d be interested to see the result.


Hey Louis,

After experimenting, I confirm that the filter block doesn’t work on a static build.

The alternative for users interested in filtering on static WordPress would be to use a 3rd party website search engines like Elastic, Algolia or Solr (open source).

It would be interesting if the Cwicly filter and query could connect to such a 3rd party index and pull data from it instead of the WordPress API.

@A375929 - the options you mention are rather expensive ?

  1. Simply Static – WordPress plugin |
  2. Cloudflare Pages free 25 gb ?

Have you tested/tried this ?