Standard blocks background and text colors are not applied on frontend

Cwicly Plugin version:


When setting background or text color in editor for Gutenberg blocks, CSS is not applied on frontend:

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To be a bit more precise, text color is working when it is a Cwicly theme color (default Gutenberg colors don’t work).

Have you toggled the Remove WordPress Global Styles option in the Cwicly Settings?

If you want to use Gutenberg styles, please make sure you have not activated this option.

Yes I tried with both options (remove style or not).

Oops my bad, I had some old personal custom code disabling global styles!!!
It’s actually working fine when not removing global styles.

That said, I think this behaviour is actually very limitating.
Such basic thing as block text and background colors should always be available, regardless global WP styles, don’t you think? I mean the mechanisms.
Especially since Cwicly theme colors are available in block inspector bg and text color settings for standard blocks.

In other words, we should be able to remove WP global bloat like default colors or gradients or duotones, etc., but keep basic features working.

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And the problem with WP global styles is that it includes some stupid rules as well, like:

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