Standalone ACF Pro vs Cwicly's ACF Pro

I like to install my own version of ACF Pro so I know it’s always up-to-date, but there’s been an issue running the standalone version on top of the Cwicly version. The toolbar at the top of the ACF dashboard gets jumbled up when the standalone version is activated (see screenshots).


This doesn’t happen when I use the standalone version of ACF Pro without Cwicly, and used to not happen when stacking them with Cwicly. It would be nice if we had the option to disable the Cwicly version of ACF, which might alleviate this issue. Btw, I’m currently running the latest version of everything.

I wasn’t aware Cwicly comes with ACF… does it?
Either way, I use Cwicly + ACF and I haven’t had problems.

Indeed, Cwicly comes with ACF PRO bundled.

It’s bundled with ACF Pro. And yes, this was one of the reasons I bought Cwicly before. Then, I found a lot of awesome features in the builder when using it.

Can confirm this issue, I thought there was something wrong with my install. Then decided to remove my ACF Pro and use the bundled one on all my sites and that fixed it.

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Hello @msguerra74,

We now have a constant that you can define to false with CWICLY_ACF.

Thanks for your patience on this one.


Since I started using Cwicly, I have never had to reinstall ACF Pro outside of its integration with Cwicly.
Could you confirm if the version of ACF Pro integrated within Cwicly is exactly the same as its original version? I am particularly interested in knowing if all the features are preserved identically, without any reduction or alteration, when integrated into Cwicly.

ACF is just bundled as it is into cwicly, so yes there shouldn’t be any difference.

The only difference you have is that cwicly is responsible in updating ACF, so you cannot manually update it as it is with self installed ACF, you have to wait until cwicly releases a new version.

Hope that helps :wink:

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Thank you for these clarifications @Wolfgang