SSL verify setting

Was looking through my Cwicly settings and realized the language under this option is rather confusing:

The toggle is called SSL Verify, which would suggest that it is being verified when the toggle is ON. But then the description says “Disables WordPress SSL verification for API calls.”

Of course the “Do not use on production websites.” doesn’t help with the confusion either.

I think I should leave it on, but the wording has me unsure.

Hello @sunny,

Thanks for bringing this up!
Indeed, the wording is confused and is saying everything and its opposite.

It is meant to warn the user to not deactivate this option on production websites because it deactivates verification calls, so definitely something we have to have fixed in the next update!


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Oh yeah, I always leave this off by default because I thought it was saying it was only useful for local installs, which I don’t use. So this should always be on? lol

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Yeah, sounds like it should always be on haha

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It should be left active @msguerra74!

Thanks again @sunny, it’s been tweaked in Changelog - Cwicly

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