[Solved] How to incorporate comments on a post template

I’m designing a site that should include a comments section on some post templates. Currently, the FSE (non-Cwicly) Comments block should fill that purpose beautifully, but it does nothing when included in a Cwicly template (at least with Gutenberg 13.6, which I need to craft custom content type templates).

I see that comments can be queried using the Cwicly Query block, but that doesn’t provide a comments form.

Is there any workaround here?

Whoops! I spoke to soon! I had to enable comments on my custom post type and individual posts to get this working. :man_facepalming:

The Gutenberg block works great!

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Hi @avunu,

Glad you got that sorted.

Have you checked our Comments possibilities? Might be overkill for your situation but useful in any case:

Also, you can set specific templates to individual posts with Cwicly :wink:

Okay, that’s pretty cool, I should have checked out your YT channel first. I only wish that you would provide a download for importing the result of these kinds of tutorials, cause that’s a lot of work :laughing:.

Also, it seems to me that this method would exclude the ability to include extra protection that’s fairly rudimentary to include in the standard comments form, such as Google reCaptcha…