Soft/Partial Migration to new Section Block

Hey there,

I wonder if there’s any need for this, but I would find it quite useful.
Instead of making a hard decision between the old and the new section block I wonder if it would be possible to make the container block generally available in the inserter and change the section behaviour to detect if there is a container block inside of it and change behaviour to the “new” section block.

Not sure if that’s technically possible, but it would definitely be a motivation for me to migrate to the new section/container blocks. There are so many sites I often come back, which use the old section block, and I would like to migrate them…but I definitely don’t want to create a staging environment, change everything and push it live. Specially on small sites that is often not on the scope of the maintenance contracts. That scenario would allow a partial adoption to the new section blocks. I’m afraid that, at some point, the old blocks would have to be deprecated.

Not sure if that’s needed for anyone else, but I could imagine, that it would be helpful!