Slider - is is possible to build something like this with Cwicly?

Hello, it is possible to build with Cwicly such a slider?

Someone, do you know ?

Hi @petrbilek , depending on the specifics of the navigation and the content, yes, it should be possible.

You can style the “dots” any way you want (use CSS to add the numbers for example) and provide your own previous and next buttons, so they can by styled however you wish also.

We recently custom styled a Cwicly dynamic slider in a query and it worked very nicely.

COuld you share with me the live site please?

This specific site is not live yet and the styles are not an exact match with your requirements, I was simply sharing that customising it worked for us.

To follow up on what I was recommending, here are some pointers.

You can style the unselected and selected (active) dots using the built-in relative styles:

Adding the numbers to the dots can be done using CSS counters.

You can hide the built-in arrows and provide your own buttons.

Hide the arrows:

Create a custom previous slide button:
Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 19.26.59

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 19.30.44

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point.

Thank you for your effort! I will have a look around!