Slider always in vertical


I am trying to add a slider, but it seems always to show in vertical, despite the horizontal setting.
Adding the slider to a new page works fine. Adding it to my page it shows in vertical.

I can’t find the difference in settings since it also happens when I copy paste it from the working page.


Is this in a local dev environment or have you a link to it for the front end? Best to use your dev tools in your browser to find the culprit. Possible div set to flex-direction: column instead of row but just a guess without seeing it myself.


I use them in my browser.
I started from scratch by copy/pasting blocks to a new page.
Now at least everything is horizontal…
everything else is gone haywired.

  • there is only one slide instead of 5 on desktop

  • the slider does not work (clicking on the arrows does not forward to the next slide)

What am I missing here?

What also strikes me is that the editor shows something fairly different then the actual website.



Strange I just looked in the backend editor and noticed a Slider I built a few weeks ago is now doing the same thing. Displaying vertical but on the front end it displays correctly, Horizontally. This began possibly with Wordpress core update 6.3 or the latest Cwicly Update (, or both.

The console errors I am seeing on the backed Editor are:

Store "core/interface" is already registered.
i @ data.min.js?ver=ff7eb3945f963be850ff:2 'core/block-editor' ).__unstableGetClientIdsTree is deprecated since version 6.3 and will be removed in version 6.5.
i @ deprecated.min.js?ver=73ad3591e7bc95f4777a:2

@Paolo for those reviews I would advise using a Repeater Block and add the data dynamically with ACF (built into Cwicly). That way you can easily remove and add more reviews.

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Also My Slider is within a Reusable Block / Pattern. I regenerated all Blocks. @Araminta have you ever encountered this?

Hello @Paolo and @hopscotch,

Thanks for bringing this up and apologies for the trouble here.
There definitely does seem to be an issue with the Slider (styles?) not applying in the iframed editor.

We’re unfortunately off tomorrow but will be releasing an update on Saturday to fix these issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I didn’t update to WP 6.3 yet.

I don’t think I mentioned WordPress 6.3.

WordPress 6.3 brought in quite a few changes in terms of enqueuing styles in the iframed editor. These changes were applied in We tried to make sure that they were backwards compatible, but the Slider styling seems to have slipped through.


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@Louis Correct, you didn’t. @hopscotch did.

Hi @Louis leave it till Monday. I am off this weekend as well :wink:

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Hello @Paolo and @hopscotch,

Thanks once again for your patience and detailed report.

We have issue a fix for the vertical slider appearing in iframed editors in
I’d be grateful if you could let me know if that fixes things on your end.

Apologies for the trouble.


Hi @Louis that indeed did the trick. All working as it should. Thank you :grimacing:

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