Size of Contact forms in column

I inserted a contact form (I tried with Gravity Form, Fluent Form and Contact Form 7).
Backend, the form seems to be full width of the column, but the width frontend is very teeny. There is no setting for width 'contact bloc or shortcode).
Is there, somewhere, a setting to have the form full column width?

Possibly a plugin interference.
Do you have a link, I will have a quick look.

Hope you can help me!

Here is the link:

Here is the page:
Contact –

.wpcf7, .wpcf7 input[type="text"], .wpcf7 input[type="email"], .wpcf7 textarea {
    width: 100%;

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for help, @Marius
I hoped it could be done without css (directly in Cwicly and that was I looked for), but at least it works fine and that is the target.

You could implement it via Relative Styling.
You don’t have direct access to the elements.
This will be possible as soon as the contact form block is released.

I would recommend you a form plugin where you can build your forms visually.
Contact Form 7 is something I would personally avoid at any cost.
It gives you only very basic functionality and comes with big files attached.

What is your prefered one?

I think in terms of functionality, design freedom, UI/UX and optimization in terms of file size, Piotnet Forms offers the best package.

There is no free plan and they recently increased their LTD dramatically, introducing a subscription model.

The best bet could be to wait for the Cwicly form block and use something like Fluent Forms’ free plan in the meantime.
Since it’s not their priority, it’s possible we need to wait another year for it, so it makes sense to look for an alternative until it’s available.


Thank you for answer.
IWe don’t have licence for Pionet, but one for Fluent Form Pro.
I will focus on this Contact Form while Cwicly tweaks its own one.

I think the FF pro version gives you the ability to make changes visually, without the need of custom CSS.
This plugin is also very lightweight if you rely on basic forms, so it’s a good choice imo :+1: