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This is what the landing page looks like on my Mac, using Safari. Might wanna check what causes this:

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How does it look in chrome?

Hi @kane,

Looks fine on Chrome, but I would recommend setting the logo image width to auto in this case.

Some strangeness in Windows, both Firefox and Chrome, for the Harmony United Medsolutions site.

  1. Clicking any link activates the full-screen mobile menu for a brief flash before going to the link destination.
  2. The mobile menu is also activated by clicking on any accordion on this page: Medical Billing Services – Harmony United Medsolutions, but in this case, the mobile menu stays in place and must be closed before getting back to read what is revealed in the accordion. After opening the first accordion for that page visit, subsequent accordions open without triggering the mobile menu.

Otherwise, looks good!

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Hi Joe, thanks for pointing out issues!

You bet! I’m super curious to know what’s causing that, if you get a chance to share with us.

Louis found it. I changed it to never.

Thanks! So “On Click” means clicking anywhere in this case, rather than on a specified icon that only displays at smaller breakpoints? Interesting.

Glad to see it’s working properly again!

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