Side-panels width

From old feedback: Side-panels width | Cwicly

Regarding the List View and Block Inserter Panels on the left side and the site/block/dedicated Cwicly options on the right, I want to suggest an option to adjust the width of these, directly inside the FSE view.

So you would be able to adjust the panels independent of the device you are currently working on.

A range slider would be great, also a field next to it where you can enter the width manually. Of course also the little blue dot should appear, as soon as making changes to the default values where you can go back to default with a click an that particular dot, like known from the Cwicly block options.
Not sure if it would be possible to adjust the panel’s width by dragging the panel itself to the desired width (I doubt it).

Since this should be really easy to implement thanks to the Gutenberg Editor HTML structure, I would appreciate that at some point in the future.

In case it is not possible, the described way above (because of the panels get withdrawn from the HTML when closing them), there could be an option inside the Cwicly Dashboard options, where we could set, let’s say, 3-5 fixed widths for the panels, individually for each.
On the FSE, we could select the desired width per dedicated dropdown inside the main Gutenberg header options.
Wouldn’t mind if an automatic reload will be needed after switching the width, if there is no way around it.

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