Show folders in the class selector modal

Currently we can add global classes to folders.

In the new class selector modal, these folders are not present.

It will be great to feature them in a useful way to make it easier to find specific groups of classes based on this structure.

With the huge improvements to the way classes are managed, our goal of making them usable for our clients is one step closer.

The use case we are focused on with this request is allowing our clients to browse by class type using the folders as groupings as in some cases they may not know the name of the class they are searching for.

Ideally, if the folders themselves can be searchable/filterable, that will really make a difference.

Please see this related request:

If the concept of tagging is introduced per this other request, then that will actually be a more powerful and better way to filter the classes than the folders.

Thank you!


As someone who is rather mouse than keyboard focused, this would be a useful addition.
There are a lot of examples why this would not only be more convenient but also more practical, some are mentioned in the initial post.

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Is there even any use for folders in this form? I’m learning and trying to adapt parts of Client-First that can be implemented with Cwicly, but for Webflow the folder system makes a lot of sense. As it is not even possible to see folders when choosing classes for blocks how should the folders be used? Will nesting folder be possible in the future?

That is what this feature request is for, specifically to be able to organise classes into folders and display them as such in the class selector modal (which is used when selecting them to be added to blocks).

Sorry for repeating that part, folder nesting wasn’t clear. What I meant to ask is what use does the current folder system has in this form? Does it live only in the Inspector > Global Classes > Folders part of Cwicly or did I miss something? :slight_smile: