Set up infinite load more button

Hi all, I am having trouble setting up the infinite load more option for a post query. The query is set to display 6 posts. A “load more” button should than display all other posts available. I activated the “inifinite load more” option in the query settings. Than added a button nested inside the query and copied the button id over to the query infinite load more settings and linked the button to the infinite load more action. The problem is that no more post content is loaded when clicking the button. The Cwicly documentation has very little info how to set up the option in practice and I find myself pretty much in the dark on how to do the proper set up. Any input/help on how to achive this is dearly welcome.

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Hi @Hyperbrand,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble setting up an infinite load more button.

It sounds like you set it up correctly!

However please note:

  • Setting the Load more items action link type is only necessary when working with a frontend rendering query.
  • You will have to force your button’s ID, in order for the logic to work.
    To force, select the following button:

Please let me know if this helps.

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Dear @Araminta,

thanks for your advice. It works now!!! I left the button linking in place as a linked button behaves better (with the hand cursor) from a usabilitiy point of view. Without the link the cursor turns into a text selector when hovering the button.

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Glad to hear that helped, Thorsten!

You don’t need to add a link for it to behave as a button.
Be sure to change your button’s tag to button:


Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks you for the hint. Works like a charm :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Araminta Why does the load more button not disappear when content is loaded? The button is visible until I click it a second time. See here: Antrieb 4.0 Newsroom in the first news section.

And shouldn’t the button only be displayed if there is more content to be loaded? Or does this need a condition?


@Araminta did you already have a chance to look at my question?