SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin

From old feedback:

It will be very nice to have a full integration with Yoast SEO. Right now, I can’t see any “SEO analysis” on my pages… “Focus keyphrase”, “SEO title” and “Meta description” are working fine.

With 1.2.7 this should now be compatible.

If you do come across any issue, please reply to this thread so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks to @anon32808828 for pointing this out!

@Araminta - The yoast plug appears to be working on regular pages in the “pages” tab (about page, contact page). However Yoast doesn’t appear on the home page. I thinking thats because the home page is under the site editor. Is there a way to add in the SEO info in the site editor?

Hi @mattmiller,

I think this is because the Yoast plugin isn’t compatible with Full Site Editing.
It might be best to bring this up with the Yoast team, as this is unrelated to Cwicly.