SEO - be able to wrap block elements in a link (Ahref tag)

On many sites i usually need to have an entire block of content be clickable as opposed to just a link field.
This clickable content must be in ahref element (and not a div) for semantic and SEO purpose, as well explained on Stackexchange.
This is critical for seo optimization.
for example, i have a div block with a paragraph and an image. i want to wrap it all with the ‘a’ tag

Hello @DenisKozeev that’s sweet, my bad i didn’t notice this feature :expressionless:
and it works like a charm, the semantic is perfect even the button is just a div inside the ahref tag so we are good to go ! see the screenshot
Thanks a lot !

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Hi @Pierre,

Please see this feedback thread for a discussion on how to make this more intuitive:

Thank you @StrangeTech, this is usefull and may consider some extra testing :wink: have a great day !

For future reference:

Please reconsider the general approach of linking linking cards as a whole as this has severe accessibility and SEO implications.

Here is a pretty straight forward tutorial on that topic:

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